🎉Party & Points

Points are fully on-chain, non-custodial, and algorithmic.

Poolside Party is a novel rewards program optimized to be fully on-chain, non-custodial, and algorithmic. Liquidity Providers can participate and "Join the Party" by staking their LP tokens in a non-custodial vault. The non-custodial vault can hold several different incentives at once. An active example of multi-incentives is the sAVAX-AVAX pool which rewards LPs with Points and $QI tokens, but these vaults can do much more. Poolside Party is comprised of several permissionless and concurrent rewards programs. Party utilizes universal vaults (a composable NFT standard) to provide an interface for subscribing and unsubscribing tokens to track positions and accrue rewards.

For example, a pool on Poolside could be eligible to earn token incentives, on-chain points, and a fractionalized NFT. Under the hood, three different reward programs have their own parameters. The user deposits the LP tokens for this pool into the universal vault and is automatically subscribed to all whitelisted rewards programs. In the above example, the user would accrue tokens, on-chain points, and fractionalized NFT shares into the universal vault. Users can also opt-out of specific rewards programs if desired. This gives the user the freedom to claim the incentives they want and the amount they want at their own leisure.

The non-custodial nature of the Party Program allows LP tokens to remain in the user's wallet and makes them freely tradeable while remaining subscribed to rewards programs and earning swap fees. Subscribed LP tokens can be further leveraged in greater DeFi as collateral, making Poolside Party one of the most capital-efficient rewards programs.

Points Multiplier

In order to incentivize larger deposits, LPs earn a multiplier.

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