👙Wrapping Tokens

The Poolside team has implemented a router to manage wrapping and unwrapping tokens automatically. This removes the need for this step and obfuscates this feature from the UI. Users can still navigate to the Wrap page to unwrap their assets.

Users will need to wrap specific tokens before interacting with the application. This process turns receipt tokens into rebase tokens. These wrapped tokens can be used in Poolside to provide liquidity or make swaps. To understand our wrappers, please read about them in Core Concepts. The wrap feature is available in the navigation on supported networks like Avalanche and Base.


Users can unwrap the rebasing versions of their tokens and redeem the underlying assets at any time. This can be done using the Wrap feature inside of the application. Alternatively, users can also trade the rebasing version of their tokens for the underlying asset. This method may incur slippage depending on liquidity for the pair.

Non-Custodial & Audited

Poolside Wrappers are built on Buttonwood contracts. These wrappers are non-custodial, and users can redeem the underlying assets at any time. The smart contracts have been audited and are included in an active bug bounty.

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