🏖️Joining Party

Users must add liquidity to an eligible pool before joining Poolside Party's reward programs. Users can navigate to Poolside Party via the navigation after acquiring LP tokens. First-time users will have a universal vault NFT minted as a part of their first transactions to track subscriptions and accrued rewards. Users with existing universal vault NFT(s) can select the one they want to use through the interface. You can learn more about Poolside Party in our overview section.

Depositing LP Tokens

Users can navigate to specific party pages to see parameters and expected rewards. Depositing LP tokens to be tracked by your universal vault NFT will automatically subscribe you to all whitelisted rewards programs. New reward programs added after your initial deposit require you to manually subscribe. In this scenario, the interface will give show a button to subscribe to the new rewards program.

🎉 It's that easy! You're now earning incentives!

Withdrawing LP Tokens

Withdrawing LP tokens from the universal vault NFT is a two-step process. LP tokens must be unsubscribed from all rewards programs. This can be done through the interface by inputting the desired balance and unlocking LP tokens. After LP tokens are unlocked, they can be withdrawn in a separate transaction.

Claiming Rewards

Claiming of rewards depends on the parameters and the duration of specific reward programs. If incentives are claimable, the interface will show a button to claim incentives. For some programs, this can be done without unsubscribing LP tokens. Poolside's Points Party will not be immediately claimable and will accrue to the universal vault NFT. The latest information on Points will be available on @Poolside_Party and in our Discord.

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